A Powerbank full of scientifically correct and up-to-date information


“A Powerbank full of scientifically correct and up-to-date information”

Nannet Buitelaar
MD PhD, The Netherlands

Adult Psychiatrist, working in mental and forensic health care

This website about ADHD is really a Powerbank! Sandra Kooij has been a leading figure in the Netherlands for years on the subject of ADHD in adults. The importance of diagnosing ADHD in adults cannot be emphasized enough. Not only are subgroups like women underdiagnosed, but adults with strong emotional regulation problems and aggressive behavior are also often not recognized as having ADHD-related issues. Knowledge about the features and diagnostics of adults with ADHD, as well as common comorbidities, is crucial for treating patients in mental health in general. Having this Powerbank full of scientifically correct and up-to-date information is very helpful in the field. Thank you Sandra and Dora for sharing your knowledge.

Having access to the ADHD Powerbank is a blessing


“Having access to the ADHD Powerbank is a blessing”

Norma C Echavarría
MD, Buenos Aires University

Adult Psychiatrist. Child and adolescent Psychiatrist.

For almost thirty years, I’ve been learning, teaching, and working with ADHD in adults. More than that I’ve been living with ADHD myself for sixty-four so far, 36 without knowing I was one of those adults suffering from this sometimes “invisible” condition.

Meeting Dr Sandra Kooij for me was a turning point in my career. I had read many scientific papers, where she was addressing issues, I had been also aware of in my practice and nobody before was able to point.

To be able to get to know her, added a great deal of pleasure, for she is not only in the top of excellence in psychiatry, but she really got involved to deliver help for many more people than those she was able to “see” in her practice.

Having access to this new site: The ADHD Power Bank, is a blessing. Not only for the fact that makes learning more “friendly”, but also for making it accessible for thousands at any place along our now global tribe.

I’m sure, every step of this incredible journey will develop the kind of practice that mostly 5% of the ADHD population needs and now I’d say lacks.

We need to share to grow bigger. This is the icon of open kindness with the most rigorous scientific base ever dreamt of.

Proud of the work they delivered, and always thankful for giving me the opportunity to share our common passion for humanity and accessible top education resources.

My best to Sandra and Dora as a great team. You Rock!!

The content is amazing, great job!


“The content is amazing, great job!”

Lotta Borg Skoglund
MD PhD, Sweden

Associate professor

The ADHDPowerbank website looks great! The content is obviously amazing and I agree with everything! I love the colors, the layout is very nice and user-friendly also. Easy to navigate and read. It is very professional. You feel that you trust the content and that is one of the most important things since there is so much “pseudoscience” out there with regard to female ADHD and hormones. Great job!